When Angel Halo first came to us, we had no idea how hard we would fall for her.  She's like a snorty, pot-bellied pig inside a mini dog that loves to jump and cuddle...sometimes all at the same time!  But with those cute snorts and snurrs comes a very dry, cracked nose...who knew French Bulldogs were so high maintenance?!  I made this nose and paw butter to treat her cracked paws and dry nose, and it worked like a charm.  
This balm is formulated to be pet-friendly. Calendula-infused olive oil and local beeswax help to make this balm so healing and soothing to compromised skin, noses, and paws.   There are no essential oils in this balm.  
All of my handcrafted products are made in small batches, entirely by hand and with only the purest ingredients.

Angel's Nose & Paw Butter